Substitution of import carrot with domestic product

AAt the main Myanmar vegetable markets, two types of carrots are commonly found: uniform high quality produce imported from China and a local product which is of poorer quality. The imported Chinese carrots are better packed and sorted and sold at a considerably higher price. Varietal selection, cultivation improvements and better post-harvest handling and storage can help the local carrot farmers and traders to improve their product quality and increase their competitiveness.

What do we do?

Together with smallholder carrot growers and wholesale traders we will demonstrate that it is possible to supply a quality carrot to the domestic markets that can substitute the Chinese carrots. We will do this by introducing new cultivars. Technical assistance will be provided to improve post-harvest handling and storage practices. A supply arrangement between the new Yangon market, carrots growers and wholesale suppliers / brokers in the South Shan highlands will be facilitated to introduce the new local product to the Myanmar market.


Bejo conducted an onion variety pilot throughout 2017-2018 and, together with the VegImpact coordinators,decided not to proceed with onion pilots in the last project year. Read why in their short pilot report.


Involved partners and their contribution

Bejo provides inputs and technical training for farmers in the Myingyan area.
Omnivent provides technical support on improved carrot post-harvest handling and storage.
Advance Consulting facilitates the improved marketing activities.