Kramer ProSeeder introduced in Myanmar

The Dutch company Kramer develops sowing, planting, and harvesting machines for both mechanical and manual usage. Kramer's ProSeeder had been introduced in Myanmar during the carrot and onion pilots of Bejo in 2017-2018, and appeared a great success. The ProSeeder is...

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EWS reports on first year tomato and onion pilots

East West Seeds (EWS), one of the VegImpact project partners, reported on its tomato and onion pilots for the year 2017-2018. EWS' first year tomato pilot consisted of the testing of two hybrid tomato cultivars combined with improved farming practices.The onion pilot...

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Pesticide Selection Tool now available

This Pesticide Selection Tool (PST), available here, can be used to formulate recommendations for farmers, to assist farmers and sector professionals to make the right choices and to select products which actually provide the best result for the most favourable price...

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