In preparation of its project activities, Rob Bekker of Bejo Zaden (De Groot en Slot) visited the Myingyan region to learn on the local onion cultivation practices and results. Rob Bekker was joined in this trip by Jasna Michiels van Kessenich of Advance Consulting and Thi Mar Win, who joined Advance Consulting’s team as the local Liaison and Value Chain Advisor for this project.

Rob Bekker met with a large group of interested traders of the Myingyan trader association, as well as with the District Officer Mr U Myint Lin of the Department of Agriculture, to introduce the project’s objectives and Bejo’s planned activities. Onion farmers were visited as well to learn about their cultivation practices, results and challenges. All parties visited supported the project’s objective to increase export to regional markets by introducing new varieties and improved agricultural practices and were very interested to participate.

The trip has been very informative and has provided Bejo with important input for the further preparation of its activities with onion farmers and traders in the Myingyan region in the next (dry) season.