East West Seeds (EWS), one of the VegImpact project partners, reported on its tomato and onion pilots for the year 2017-2018. EWS’ first year tomato pilot consisted of the testing of two hybrid tomato cultivars combined with improved farming practices.The onion pilot comprised of the testing of an improved open pollinated onion cultivar combined with improved farming practices. Both the tomato and the onion pilots took place in four different townships in the Myanmar dry zone (Pakokku, Salin, Pwint Phyu and Seik Phyu). In every township, the EWS Knowledge Transfer (KT) team worked with 16 demonstration farmers, at whose plots technical training activities were conducted for the demonstration farmer and other attending trainees.

Before and during the pilot, data from both key farmers and non-beneficiary farmers on yield and income was gathered. On average, both the yield and income of the demo-farmers appeared higher than that of the non-beneficiary farmers. For more detailed information, download the reports on the onion pilot and the tomato pilot pages.