The Dutch company Kramer develops sowing, planting, and harvesting machines for both mechanical and manual usage. Kramer’s ProSeeder had been introduced in Myanmar during the carrot and onion pilots of Bejo in 2017-2018, and appeared a great success. The ProSeeder is a manual vegetable seed drill which can be used for very fine seeds (depending on the disks used), sowing up to four million seeds per hectare at exact planting distances. One or more ProSeeders can be attached to a tractor for a faster usage. The ProSeeder is regarded as a low-cost investment that introduces smallholder farmers to (the advantages of) mechanical sowing. The manual seeder renders nursery- and transplanting activities superflouous – this is a great advantage, especially in areas where cheap labor is becoming scarcer.

Kramer is currently investigating options to pursue its demonstration activities in Myanmar in 2019.