The second session of the “VEGCAP Super Trainers Training” programme was held from 5 to 9 February 2018 at Heho in Southern Shan State. Mr. Derk van Balen from Wageningen Plant Research covered subjects related to crop rotation, soil quality and soil health and visual soil assessments. The training included theory and practical applications. At the training 25 vegetable sector experts participated and after the training they will be sharing the new practices and knowledge with other Agricultural Extension workers, young experts and vegetable farmers. The participants included extension workers from the Department of Agriculture, Teachers from State Agricultural Institutes, Advisors from NGOs and Knowledge transferred team as well as sale and marketing team of East-West Seed.

In the training, the trainees have brought soil samples to classify the soil type. Moreover, the practical activities included sampling soil for testing the quality and organising Farmer Events with the cooperation of the interested farmers. Group discussions and joint assignments were also part of the programme. On the last day of the training, all the participants took an exam to evaluate their understanding of the subject matter covered during the training.

The lectures, translated in Myanmar language and direct translation of the discussions during the training facilitated the uptake of the subjects.