Around 65 tomato farmers came to the field day organised by the East-West Seeds (EWS) Knowledge Team in Pwint Phuyu (Magway Region) on Tuesday 16 January. The field day was conducted in the field of one of the demonstration plots under the Veg Impact Cluster project. The impact of improved cultivation practices on the quality and yields of the tomato crop were demonstrated and explained by the EWS experts.

Farmers could see the effects of an improved nursery and better seeds in combination with raising beds, better plant spacing, use of plastic mulch, improved crop protection and balanced fertilisation. After a brief introduction the farmers visited the demonstration plots in groups and discussed their experiences and questions with the EWS experts and field staff.

Tomato is an important crop in this part of Magway region and the Good Agricultural Practices developed by EWS lead to higher yields, larger and better quality fruits and more income for the farmers.