On October 25th, a VegImpact closure project seminar took place at the Inya Lake Hotel in Yangon, the place where the Vegetable Impact Cluster was designed some years ago. The seminar aimed at bringing the partners together and share their project experiences to each other and a broader, interested audience.

The seminar was opened by the Myanmar Department of Agriculture and the Netherlands Agricultural Council, who both lauded the collaborating initiative between the Netherlands and Myanmar. Frank Joosten, who co-designed the VegImpact project and was the main coordinator throughout the project’s three year implementation, reflected on VegImpact’s results and highlights.


During the main part of the event, the following organisations participating in the project presented their products, project results, and plans for the future in Myanmar:

  • Bejo (seeds), also representing Kramer (machinery)
  • Omnivent (onion storage solutions)
  • Evers Special (mungbean sprouts)
  • East West Seeds (seeds)
  •    Wageningen University and Research


The event was completely bilingual, with Thi Mar Win translating the presentations of English speakers. During an informal information session afterwards there was ample opportunity among organisations and audience to meet and discuss about results and business opportunities.


All partners’  presentations can be found below.

VegImpact Background and Summary – English


Omnivent – Myanmar Omnivent – English

Omnivent – Myanmar

Evers Specials:

Evers Specials – Myanmar

Evers Specials – English

East West Seeds:

East West Seeds – Myanmar

East West Seeds – English


Bejo-DGS – Myanmar

Bejo-DGS – English

Wageningen University and Research:

Wageningen University and Research – Myanmar

Wageningen University and Research – English