The Dutch Agricultural Counsellor Frederik Heijink and his Assistant Aye Aye Nwe visited East-West Seed’s tomato pilot in Magway, joined by Frank Joosten en Thi Mar Win of Advance Consulting. The agronomic team of the Dutch embassy received a good impression of the progress made with the tomato farmers in Magway.
Rob Bekker of Bejo (De Groot en Slot) travelled to Myingyan to prepare the seed drilling at the start of the dry season. Due to the wet weather the actual drilling was postponed and Rob Bekker’s activities were mainly focused on knowledge transfer on correct drilling and seedling production practices. The produced seedlings will be used for trials at the land of 6 selected farmers. Rob Bekker also visited the Prime’s test farm in Nyaung Oo for a more extensive variety test.

Errol van Groenewoud of Omnivent visited onion storage houses in Pakokku and Myingyan to learn more on the current storage facilities and practices. In collaboration with Thi Mar Win of Advance Consulting workshops were organised in both locations to give the onion traders and farmers an introductory training on improved storage systems and practices and to explore realistic possibilities to improve the current storage houses.