On 19 and 20 October 2017, Mr. Errol van Groenewoud of Omnivent conducted two workshops on improved onion storage practices. Errol worked together with Ms. Thi Mar Win of Advance Consulting, who helped with the organisation and translations.

The first workshop was organised at the Pakokku Commodity Exchange Center and the second one at the Myingyan Commodity Exchange Center. The workshops focused not only on storage practices and physical conditions, but also on cultivation, harvesting, post-harvest handling and transportation practices that influence the onion’s storability.

During the workshops several low-cost storage improvements were discussed with the participating onion traders and farmers. In each of the two locations Omnivent is planning to support at least one onion trader in Pakkoku and one in Myingyan with piloting these storage improvements during the coming season. The main objective of the pilot is to reduce the storage losses and extend the storage period.