Our partners

Advance Consulting BV

Advance Consulting is a Dutch business advisory firm that assists companies with investments in emerging economies and advises Government agencies and development organisations on inclusive business development in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Advance Consulting is responsible for the coordination and monitoring of the vegetable pilot activities.

Bejo Zaden BV

Bejo is a Dutch seed business with a wide variety of quality vegetable seeds. The company is involved in breeding, production, processing and marketing of quality vegetable seeds and will support the onion and carrot pilot with seeds and technical assistance on the cultivation of a quality product.

East-West Seed Group

East-West Seed is an internationally operating seed breeding and marketing company with its roots in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands. East West Seed produces and sells premium quality hybrid and open pollinated seeds for all major tropical vegetable crops and severable pulses. The company will contribute with seeds, technical support and extension services for the pilots related to onions, open field tomatoes and mung bean.

Evers Specials BV

Evers Specials is Europe’s largest producer of sprouted beans. Based in the Netherlands Evers supplies freshly produced sprouted beans to supermarkets, restaurants and wholesale in North-West Europe. Evers Specials is member of the European Sprouted Seeds Association (ESSA) and will be involved as buying agent and technical advisor on quality and traceability issues in the mung bean pilot programme.

Impact Terra Pte. Ltd.

Impact Terra is a Dutch-owned social enterprise active in Myanmar which develops and implements digital solutions for (smallholder) farmers, agribusinesses and other stakeholders involved in agriculture. The company has developed the free Golden Paddy Platform, which provides access to agriculture and market information to smallholder farmers through its app, website and Facebook.

Omnivent Techniek BV

Omnivent is specialised in the development, manufacturing and installation of modern ventilation and climate control technologies for the storage of arable products such as potatoes, carrots and onions. It is a Dutch company with branches in different parts of the world. Omnivent will provide technical support on post-harvest handling and storage of onions and carrots.

Orgaworld Asia

Orgaworld Asia is a Dutch company active in Asia specialized in the conversion and valorization of organic residues into high-end valuable and marketable products and sustainable energy solutions. As part of the project, the Myanmar branch of Orgaworld Asia will supply specialty bio-fertilizers to be used in a selection of the pilot projects.

Wageningen Plant Research

Wageningen Plant Research (WPR) combines knowledge and expertise in all fields of plant sciences. With this, WPR offers new perspectives for sustainable agriculture to our clients and partners from e.g. industry, governments, research institutes and universities. In the Myanmar Vegetable Sector Support programme the WPR experts share this know how on sustainable agronomic improvements and lead the capacity building activities.

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

The Agricultural Office at the Dutch embassy in Yangon provides networking and organisational support to visiting companies and ensures that linkages are established and maintained between Myanmar and Dutch stakeholders in the vegetable sector.


The Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland) encourages entrepreneurs in sustainable, agrarian, innovative and international business. RVO provides 50% co-funding for the pilot activities implemented with support from the private sector partners. In addition RVO sponsors the capacity building activities lead by Wageningen Plant Research.